Linus’ comment on Debian

In an interview to Linus said the only distribution he has not tried is Debian. The reason he gave is ‘because that has traditionally been harder to install’. Quite strange!

I’m not an expert linux user. Certainly not a programmer or administrator. I’m an average user- somewhere in low to mid-level of the hierarchy. But of several distros I’ve installed, Debian has been the easiest! Distros like fedora core and ubuntu showed me hell while installing them on my low memory (256MB DDR400) box. Ubuntu live-cds took ages to boot up and to navigate from window to window. Infact, Ubuntu 6.04 and 6.10 never got installed from live-cd. I had to buy the ‘alternate cd’ to install them. With Debian Etch, I had no problems! Not just about memory usage, even the options at the time of installation were not difficult or confusing, though installer is not graphical. Well, may be I’ve to try installing it again to countercheck if the linux-great, after which linux is named, is right!

Personally, even the OS experience has been awesome! Man, all the softwares it came with just work. And we have all the softwares a general user would like to have in an OS-Office suite, Internet, Media Players. Talking about media players, I thought Debian did not support proprietary formats like mp3, mpeg, vob, etc.. But the totem and rhythom box just play everything. I actually don’t remember installing any plugins – certainly not by downloading from internet and then installing. In case if I’ve installed the ‘ugly’ plugins may be they were already available in the DVDs. In that case it does not matter if Debian does not support proprietary formats by default. Just install the plugins n have same media experience as you would have in Windozzzz. In fact, now I don’t need Windows at all, except for using some proprietary softwares used by my company.

I think Linus should give Debian another try…!